DragonPhy - Gait Assessment System

The easy-to-use DragonPHY system will revolutionize gait assessments and therapies for performance athletes and patients that are both looking to prevent injury or recover from it. The system sets up in minutes with your existing treadmill and collect more than 40 data points while a client runs. Data points are displayed as a 3D avatar so you can view running form from every angle, along with precise measurements and advanced reporting. The more you can measure instead of observe, the more effective your treatment or training program will be.

  • Increase clinic visits and revenue - prove the effectiveness of your program and keep clients coming back
  • Fast gait assessment and biofeedback training - prioritize areas for improvement
  • Better patient outcomes - help clients run more efficiently so they can achieve their goals in a sustainable way
  • A physical therapist's schedule saver - drastically reduce clinic and analysis time
  • Normative database and symptom-based reporting - compare results to others in a similar demographic

What are the benefits of DragonPHY for physical therapists?

Simply stated, you can improve patient outcomes while boosting clinic revenue. The system is fast enough to use on every gait-related patient to create a baseline and then help the patient visualize and track their improvements with empirical data. Patients will attend more of their sessions. The system provides therapists with 40+ gait measurements at levels impossible to see through observation. Written reports make insurance documentation easy. Finally, clinics can make money and attract new private pay customers with assessment and biofeedback training sessions for running injury prevention and performance improvement.

What are the benefits of DragonPHY for elite trainers?

We have proven that there is a high demand from distance runners - marathon, triathlon, ultrarunners - to learn more about their running form. Understanding how their form changes as their body fatigues can help them train to maintain form throughout a race. Some runners have pinpointed a mysterious pain that could have led to an injury. Others have used the data to run more efficiently. Trainers typically provide an assessment upfront, but using DragonPHY throughout a training program can show trainers and runners indisputable progress.

How can DragonPHY help runners?

In minutes, DragonPHY can take an assessment of a runner in their fresh running state. Bring them back after running them to fatigue for a another quick assessment to identify the differences. Most often, you can immediately see patterns that could lead to pain or injury. With this helpful knowledge, the runner can schedule sessions that focus on muscle reeducation. DragonPHY can be used throughout the performance improvement program to easily track progress. See how DragonPHY can help both runners and PTs.

How complicated is DragonPHY to use or is there lots of training?

The system is the most advanced, yet simple system on the market. It ships with a simple user manual and after an online video tutorial even the most technology shy physical therapists and trainers are using the system like a pro. While DragonPHY provides enough data to pour over for hours, our standard reports (both onscreen and printed) zero in on common gait related cases to instantly assist in your consultation with the patient or client.

How does DragonPHY compare to other systems in the market?

Our system has no equal. Our patented technology replaces the bulky multiple cameras of other systems and provides dramatically higher accuracy than both optical and non-optical systems. From a single out-of-the-way position behind the treadmill the technology doesn’t get in the way of you and the patient. DragonPHY is the first and only system designed and priced exclusively for clinics with a user-friendly app and the first comprehensive database of healthy subject movement for comparison purposes.


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