Frequently Asked Questions

What is DragonPHY?
DragonPHY and the underlying Metria Innovation technology is the first major advancement in 3D optical motion capture/tracking in the past 20 years. Our patented technology removes bulky multiple cameras while providing superior accuracy in a fast and simple system. It’s the only system designed exclusively for use in the physical therapy environment to provide precision 3D instrumented gait assessment and live biofeedback training.
Is DragonPHY sold to the public?
No. The system has been exclusively designed and priced for use by physical therapists and fitness professionals in the clinic environment. Consumers interested in a running or walking gait analysis or assessment for performance improvement or injury prevention are encouraged to contact a clinic in their area that features DragonPHY. Clinics featuring the system will be promoted and listed on the DragonPHY website.
How is DragonPHY sold?
The system is only available on a monthly or annual subscription plan. This simple plan eliminates the risk and costs normally associated with an advanced technology like DragonPHY. Your comprehensive subscription plan includes all ongoing training and support, automatic upgrades to the latest software and features as well as hassle-free replacement of hardware and system components whenever necessary.
What is the price of DragonPHY?
$595 per month – billed annually 
$795 per month – month-to-month, plus tax, as applicable 
We have a limited quantity of the 1st Generation systems available for order. Orders secured with a credit card will be delivered in approximately 30 days at which time your credit card will be charged. Orders will be handled first come first served with annual billing terms receiving 1st priority.
What are the benefits of DragonPHY for physical therapists?
Simply stated, you can improve patient outcomes while boosting clinic revenue. The system is fast enough to use on every gait-related patient to create a baseline and then help the patient visualize and track their improvements with empirical data. Patients will attend more of their sessions. The system provides therapists with 40+ gait measurements at levels impossible to see through observation. Written reports make insurance documentation easy. Finally, clinics can make money and attract new private pay customers with assessment and biofeedback training sessions for running injury prevention and performance improvement.
How complicated is DragonPHY to use or is there lots of training?
The system is the most advanced, yet simple system on the market. It ships with a simple user manual and after an online video tutorial even the most technology shy physical therapists are using the system like a pro. While DragonPHY provides enough data to pour over for hours, our standard reports (both onscreen and printed) were designed for physical therapists and zero in on common gait related cases to instantly assist in your consultation with the patient.
How does DragonPHY compare to other systems in the market?
Our system has no equal. Our patented technology replaces the bulky multiple cameras of other systems and provides dramatically higher accuracy than both optical and non-optical systems. From a single out-of-the-way position behind the treadmill the technology doesn’t get in the way of you and the patient. DragonPHY is the first and only system designed and priced exclusively for physical therapy with a user-friendly app and the first comprehensive database of healthy subject movement for comparison purposes.
Is the system a medical device?
No. The DragonPHY system by Metria Innovation, Inc. and the resulting reports, precision measurements, comparisons and visualizations are for informational purposes only. The information provided should only be used in conjunction with a consultation by a qualified fitness or medical professional.
Where is DragonPHY being used?
The DragonPHY system has exceeded initial expectations and is in use at numerous physical therapy clinics including: Grayslake Rehabilitation, Grayslake, IL, Point Forward Physical Therapy, Stevens Point, WI, Runners Clinic, Madison, WI and Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH. The underlying Metria technology has been in use for several years in MRI scanners around the world, to compensate in real time to the slightest breathing movement of the subject.
What is the cancellation policy?
Simply cancel in writing and return all equipment prior to your monthly or annual billing date and no further charges will be made. No proration or refunds will be made for unused portions of your subscription plan.
What’s with the name DragonPHY?
A combination of dragonfly and physical therapy. Dragonflies see in UltraHD, arguably the best sight in the entire animal kingdom. Superior vision sensing gives their long sleek bodies fast and precise movements and lightning quick reactions. Much like the dragonfly, our technology lets the physical therapist see detail and nuanced motions that were impossible until today, unleashing performance improvements and rehabilitative outcomes.