Discover How To Earn Money and Help Performance Runners

Boost Your Clinic's Bottom Line with a Healthy Runner Program Offering

Every runner has their own running form. As they progress through their run their form can change and lead to injury (Chicago Athlete Magazine). Runners can help avoid injury with bio-feedback to adjust their run.
In minutes, DragonPHY can take an assessment of a runner in their fresh running state. Bring them back after running them to fatigue for a another quick assessment to identify the differences. Most often, you can immediately see patterns that could lead to pain or injury. With this helpful knowledge, the runner can schedule physical therapy sessions that focus on muscle reeducation. DragonPHY can be used throughout the performance improvement program to easily track progress. 
Whether you are working with healthy or injured runners, the DragonPHY system shaves time off of observational data analysis, freeing up physical therapists to take on more appointments. Use the example below to see how much income DragonPHY can potentially bring you.

DragonPHY ROI Example

With the time saved with DragonPHY, physical therapists can complete more assessments and not leave any potential money on the table!